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Housing News: A Week In Review

A BIG thank you to everyone who joined us for our FR/BAR Contract Coffee Corner this week. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the new residential sales contract.

New Urbanism

The new urbanism may change the underwriting for home loans, especially if millennials maintain their preference for city living.  http://bit.ly/GVMmbi



Housing RecoveryThe government shutdown is now also starting to wear away at the housing recovery.   ‘Doomsday’ scenario and other possible outcomes to debt ceiling crisis.


A Short History of the Highrise“A Short History of the Highrise”
A  4-part interactive video documentary about the fascinating past, present and future of high-rise living in cities around the world.  http://nyti.ms/1bNKCzp


Home Equity Stats in America Home Equity Stats in America








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Successional Urbanism

New Urbanism

Terrific interview with Andres Duany on  the New Urbanism                    by Galina Tachieva

Andrés Duany is a founding principal at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ). DPZ is widely recognized as a leader of the New Urbanism, an international movement that seeks to end suburban sprawl and urban disinvestment. In the years since the firm first received recognition for the design of Seaside, Florida, in 1980, DPZ has designed and built hundreds of successful new towns, suburban retrofits, regional plans, and downtown revitalization projects. This work has exerted a significant influence on the practice and direction of urban planning and development in the United States and abroad.

Here’s the interview…