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Housing News: Tidbits From Last Week

TelehealthThe smart home of the future will be all about Telehealth.  As the population ages, smart home trends will reflect new devices, falling under the telehealth umbrella, designed for the elderly, especially when it comes to their health and independence.


Housing Outlook 2015Housing Outlook, 2015:  Prices in most cities are heading higher, but the eye-popping gains have mostly disappeared.


Personality Profiles and Home PurchasesReal Estate Decisions Reflect Personality…  Did you know that if you are conscientious person, a fixed-rate mortgage would fit the bill, and if you consider yourself neurotic, then home ownership is a better match than renting?




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Housing News: A Week In Review

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone.

Memorial Day 2013


What Homebuyers Want5 Top Things Today’s Home Buyers Want…



The American DreamThe American Dream of Owning a Home Lives On… Even for the Young. Most in U.S. want to continue to own or plan on buying a house


Total Increase a Home Buyer May Pay if They Wait. Experts have projected that U.S. home prices will appreciate by approximately 5%, and that the 30-year mortgage rate will be at least 4% by the end of 2013.  Assuming that prices and interest rates will rise as projected, here is the monthly difference a buyer may pay if they wait a year.  Via KCM Crew.

Now's The Time To Buy a Home


2013 NAR Member Profile Report — Great Infographic!

NAR Member Profile