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What’s Up With Housing?

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Independence Day


Will new laws protect condo owners from apartment conversions and rogue associations?
A bill passed by the Florida Legislature would affect places like The Slade in Tampa’s Channelside district, where condominium owners have battled a plan to convert homes into apartments.


Back With Your Folks… In your 20s and living with mom and dad? In Florida, you’re not alone.
The Tampa Bay region is ranked 15th nationally for millennials who move in with their parents. Is the economy to blame, or something else?


CFPBHousing Groups Want Change to CFPB Structure
The groups want the CFPB to be led by a bipartisan commission instead of a single director.



How Long Does It Take to Get a Mortgage? Longer Than You Might Think…
We’re used to having everything done quickly and easily, but getting a mortgage can take time. So how long does it take to get a mortgage?


7 New Florida Laws go Into Effect Today.
Seven real estate laws drafted by the 2017 Florida Legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Scott go into effect today (July 1), including a Florida Realtors priority: estoppel fee caps.




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