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What’s Up With Housing This Week?

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Please Save This Date:  April 25th, 9:30am Coffee Corner — How to Read and Understand a Title Commitment


ALTATitle companies want federal help to fight wire fraud.
The title association says it has warned buyers about scammers who steal closing money – but it’s not enough. It’s asking the U.S. consumer bureau to help.




Vacation HomesVacation Home Sales Take a Dive
Higher prices, lower inventory drive market down sharply.  “With fewer bargain-priced properties to choose from and a growing number of traditional buyers, finding a home for vacation purposes became more difficult and less affordable last year.”



Can Waiting to Save for a 20% Down Payment Cost Homebuyers Money?
2 out of 5 potential buyers think they need a 20% downpayment. They don’t. But what’s a good savings goal? A new calculator helps show potential buyers it’s not out of reach.


Mortgage lenders are optimistic about 2017.
Survey: Independent lenders believe Gen X and millennials offer growth opportunities. They expect more jumbo loans and buyers who plan to make rental money.



Large HomesAre Large Homes Damaging the Character of St Petersburg Neighborhoods?
St. Pete staffers are considering major changes to its zoning rules to protect its bungalow-style neighborhood from being crowded out by larger homes.




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