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What’s Up With Housing?

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CFPBChanges loom for U.S. Consumer Watchdog Bureau.
The CFPB, which oversees RESPA, will likely change from semi-independent director oversight to a bipartisan board; and Congress could start setting CFPB’s budget.


Student HousingDevelopment is Not Keeping Up with the Demand for Student Housing.
Shortage of good sites to build on and difficulty of finding construction financing hindering developers.


High-Rise Condo SafetyNew High-Rises Could Power Tenants’ Homes for a Week in an Emergency…
Twin NYC apartment towers show how builders are guarding against extreme weather.



Small Houses AppreciatingSmaller Homes are Experiencing The Fastest Price Appreciation.
NerdWallet attributes this growth to a high demand for starter homes and homes in cities.


Modular Home AdvantagesCan Modular Construction Solve Labor, Lots, and Lending Issues?
Along with time savings, some modular builders would even say that there is the capability to build better quality homes because the construction process is isolated in a factory-controlled environment.


Cyber FraudSave This Date:  Our Next Coffee Corner, 2-21-17, 9:30am to 10:30am
“What is Cyber-Fraud? Learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Client in Today’s World”





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