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Great Pumpkin

Top Commercial Tampa Bay ProjectsThis Top 10 list of real estate developments in Tampa Bay shows just how much this area is taking off.
A cool commercial project here, another there. That’s great. But it’s easy to miss the critical mass gathering in Tampa Bay without looking at the area’s best and biggest commercial real estate developments.



Rising Home PricesAre Rising Prices Scarier Than Rising Interest Rates?
If you’re deciding between renting and buying during Halloween, home prices are your greatest fear.


Pinellas Realtor OrganizationPinellas Realtor Organization’s Standout Stat for September 2016…
Median Sale Price for Single Family is up 16.6% Year Over Year:  Sept. 2016 – $221,475 … Sept 2015 – $190,000


Empty Nesters Housing ImpactEmpty Nesters Poised to Make Major Housing Impact.
The population change for seniors, who are defined in this context as 55-plus, is higher than the percentage change for the US population.



Private Mortgage NotesHow Millennials Are Circumventing the Mortgage Process…
Student loan debt and credit card bills are making it hard for Gen Y to get bank mortgages. Many are turning to private mortgage notes to get around this.



Tropicana Field SiteTropicana Field 86-acre site vision splits development and public space 60/40.
HKS Architects is putting the final touches on a Trop site master plan that includes a new baseball stadium, towering office buildings, acres of new park space, housing, entertainment and retail.





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