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Pinellas Realtor OrganizationPinellas County Real Estate Stats: August 2016
As summer starts to transition to fall, we continue to see the market heating up. This past month has shown us some hot stats and we are excited to share some of the highlights of the Pinellas County Housing Market.


New HomesDon’t Fall Prey To Conventional Housing Market Wisdom.
There are people who are still devoted to getting our nation into the same housing predicament that led to the housing market collapse and the Great Recession. Don’t believe the hype.



Mortgage FraudMortgage fraud rising most in low-downpayment loans.
Mortgage fraud is slightly on the rise right now, so it’s an area industry experts say needs a close watch because it takes a long time to uncover.


Skyway Marina DistrictRebuilt 55,000 SF Publix highlights new retail options coming to St. Petersburg’s Skyway Marina District.
For shoppers missing their neighborhood Publix near the Sunshine Skyway bridge and Pinellas Bayway, the wait is almost over.


Negative EquityThe ‘new housing crisis’ is already slowly being solved.
Negative equity is improving even in the states that suffered the most in the housing crash.



Condo LegislationChallenge Remains for FHA Condominium Financing.
HUD released rules on condo financing that could open up more Florida units to first-time buyers, but NAR says a still-high owner-occupancy threshold needs work.





Author: KatherineMatson

Senior Closer at Title Security in St. Petersburg, FL.

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