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Happy Labor Day









The Future of Shopping CentersShopping centers pusue ‘Internet-proof’ tenants that can survive online competitors.
Gone are the days when shopping malls need to rely on a big anchoring brand name to draw customers. Restaurants are quickly filling that void, along with other “internet-proof” tenants. Even housing developments are getting into the act.


Housing BoomHousing Boom Not Going Anywhere Any Time Soon.
Hovnanian CEO says housing recovery is only in it’s “third or fourth inning” with room for more growth.


2017 Color of the YearThe 2017 Sherwin-Williams color of the year is Poised Taupe.
This timeless neutral is modern, classic and a beautiful balance of warm and cool. SW 6039



Housing Market is Just FineThe Housing Market is Doing Just Fine…
“The havoc during the last cycle was the result of building too many homes and of speculation fueled by loose credit. That’s the exact opposite of what we have today.”


DronesHere’s Why It’s Now Easier for Businesses to Legally Fly Drones.
The new regulation, which requires operators to pass a certification exam, not fly drones over 100 mph or 400 ft and and avoid flying them at night.





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