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Lavish BathroomsThe Master Bathroom is the New Focal Point of the Home.
The mater bathroom continues to become more lavish as homeowners renovate their space. Homeowners are opting to upgrade their master bathrooms over other rooms in the house, even kitchens.


Housing MarketThis will be the best summer for the housing market in a decade.
Following the strongest spring in 10 years, the residential real estate market should continue to see growth throughout the summer despite some growing economic headwinds.


Florida Association of RealtorsAll Florida condos need sprinklers or vote to opt-out by January 1st.
The Florida agency regulating condominiums says all condos – not just high rises – must have fire sprinklers installed unless owners vote to opt-out of the requirement before the end of 2016.



Tampa Bay Housing MarketTampa Bay property values are finally healthy.
Property values are also growing at a safer pace instead of the dangerous double digit annual gains that led to the unsustainable housing peak in 2007.



Flipping HousesInvestment flips: What to know about a fixer-upper.
Investing requires a leap of faith and a vision. Turning a real estate lemon into lemonade requires skills, a realistic financial outlook and lots of patience.






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