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GentrificationWhich Came First, Gentrification or Rent Surges?
Renters who move further from the city’s core in search of affordability but stay within the city are driving up prices, i.e. gentrification.


Banking Institutional DistrustFaulty Mortgage Practices Continue to Cause Institutional Distrust…
It’s not just foreclosures and lost property values, but also a lack of trust in institutions left after the housing crisis.


Energy Efficient HomesConsumers in the market for a new home prioritize energy-efficient features over luxury items.
Home buyers say they would rather have Energy Star appliances than a pool or home theater.



Housing EconomistsHousing economists: Expect a mixed picture over the coming year, with slower price growth.
It’s murky: Some signs point to a strong real estate boom, said experts at a recent convention of real estate editors. But other signs suggest potential problems.


Rate Hike & Job MarketYellen: ‘We’ll Be Watching Job Market Carefully’ …Weaker-than-anticipated.
May job growth provided “an opening to withhold a rate hike this month and delay action.






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