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National Homeownership MonthJune is National Homeownership Month.
Paying rent is not a good investment, but owning is a great way to start building family wealth… Not only does homeownership allow you to provide your children with great education, but you can also decide whether or not your child grows up with a pet…. Owning a home provides you with tax benefits while also providing you with more living space to move around in.



ForeclosuresHow Much of the Homeownership Rate Decline from 2005-2015 is Due to Foreclosures?
Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies does the math.



Interest Rate HikesDo Fed Officials Talk Too Much About Plans for Interest Rate Moves?
Federal policy makers have been working hard to persuade Wall Street and the markets that the Fed may boost short-term interest rates in June or July.




Home Loan RefinancingThinking About Refinancing Your Home Loan?
Mortgage lenders report a refinancing frenzy, and jumbo borrowers with higher balances are seeing their monthly payments decline the most.



Home ClosingsBuyers Should Wait Until Home Closing is Signed Before Spending.
Until you close and the keys are in your hands, you are under the magnifying glass. So don’t make these ‘what were you thinking?’ mistakes.


Buy NowWhy now is a great time to be a home buyer…
We’re building homes with more bedrooms, more bathrooms and more amenities for smaller households — and your mortgage rate is near a record low.





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Manager, Sr. Closer and Client Services liaison for Title Security.

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