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Florida RealtorsThe lack of affordable housing isn’t just a Florida discussion; it’s a national discussion.  Housing production is not near the level the population requires. Homeownership peaked at 69.2% in June 2004 and has since dropped to 63.5%.



What is a Smart HomeJust what is a ‘smart home’ anyway?
The definition of a “smart home” is coming under scrutiny. That is because sellers and their agents are using the term to boost sales and prices.


Should Appraisers Also Be Home Inspectors?Realtors Balk at FHA Rules that Make Appraisers Home Inspectors Too.
Requiring appraisers to take on home inspection-type duties to ensure standards are met appears to blur the line between appraisals and home inspections and has raised questions among consumers, agents and appraisers.

55+ Home DesignDesigning for 55-Plus: A Whole House Transformation
NEXTAdventure design team is rethinking various rooms in the home to better cater to the 55-plus buyer.



Mortgage OptionsPrivate Lenders are Changing Mortgages
Investors dip into savings to offer high-price home loans to borrowers rejected by banks; bigger risks, bigger returns.






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