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Millennial Buyers Expect Energy SavingsMillennial Buyers Expect Energy Savings.
Young consumers understand how sustainable construction can impact their carbon footprint and help curb monthly utility bills, but how much are they willing to pay for it?


Gas vs ElectricAre Gas or Electric Appliances More Eco-Friendly?
With so many appliances constantly at work in a home, it is hard to know whether gas or electric is more efficient.


Millennial HomebuyersWhat Millennials Really Want in Single-Family Homes.
“Informal and flexible are important aspects of home design for Millennials.”



Popular Home FeaturesHomes With Barn Doors and Farmhouse Sinks Fetch Higher Prices.
Followed by, in order, shaker cabinet, farmhouse sink, subway tile, quartz, craftsman, and exposed brick.



house-investmentWhy First-Time Home Buyers Aren’t Buying.
Because their biggest competition is not other real estate newbies like themselves, but mom and pop investors looking to establish a stream of rental income.


Urban FarmingThe Top 10 Cities for Urban Farming — Tampa area #9.
Homes in these cities have the most gardens, greenhouses and chicken coops. 







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Manager, Sr. Closer and Client Services liaison for Title Security.

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