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Millennial HomebuyersMillennials Value Homeownership More Than Older Generations. These Gen Y’s are expected to make a huge impact on the U.S. housing market.



Urban FarmsCould Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future?   A group of architects proposed a new design to help raise environmentally responsible kids.



Why Homebuilders Aren’t Catering to Millennial BuyersWhy Homebuilders Aren’t Catering to Millennial Buyers…   Experts point to a number of factors, including high levels of student debt, changing family dynamics and a regulatory and economic environment that discourages builders from constructing the smaller-scale, affordable housing that first-time home buying millennials prefer.


Home Buying BenefitsStudy Again Finds Homeownership to be a Better Way of Producing Wealth…. Buying a home makes sense socially and financially. Rents are predicted to increase substantially in the next year, so consider locking in your housing cost with a mortgage payment now.


Homebuying TrendsMillennials in the Burbs? You Won’t Believe the Latest Home-Buying Trends.  What’s a millennial pushing 30 to do? Apparently, leave the fun, the fantasy, the pace, and the possibilities of big-city living far behind and buy a home … out in the burbs.



Off Campus HousingOff-Campus College Dorms Now Resemble Spring-Break Hotels  Investors have poured billions into off-campus housing, building luxury complexes that resemble resorts.




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