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CFPB LogoRealtors: Next Friday, Title Security’s Coffee Corner will provide all the latest CFPB information in advance of Saturday’s inception… If you are not up to speed on these new rules, you owe it to yourself and your clients to attend this meeting. “Know Before You Owe”

World's Smartest BuildingThe World’s Smartest Office Building Knows How You Like Your Coffee…
Go inside the connected future of architecture with The Edge, the greenest and smartest office building in the world.



Housing is Turning the CornerHere’s proof that housing may be turning the corner.  “…mortgage lending standards are finally loosening at the same time that a stronger labor market increases the pool of willing and able borrowers.” 



Florida RealtorsDo you know the difference between a “Bubble” and “Overvalued?”  “Just because you’re overvalued doesn’t mean that you’re in a bubble or there is an impending crash,” says Sam Khater, CoreLogic’s deputy chief economist.
“Some markets are simply overvalued because of strong fundamentals.”



Monopoly GameA FUN Real-World Look at Monopoly Property Home Prices.  What are your favorite acquisitions when you play(ed) Monopoly?



Elizabeth Banks for Realtor.comRealtor.com’s chooses to use humor to help real estate agents educate first-time homebuyers.  Great Videos!



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