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A Flood Of Information At Yesterday’s Coffee Corner

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TitleCapture AppTitle Security’s September Coffee Corner shared 2 very interesting topics. The first was the new Title Security app, TitleCapture. Attendees were shown how to easily download and use this convenient app which allows Realtors to give quotes, prepare net sheets and even a preliminary settlement statement while out in the field. Quite advantageous… Instant results.

The 2nd discussion focused on a flood insurance update presented by Katherine Broadwater from Strategic Insurance Services.

Here are my 5 flood insurance take-aways to help keep you from treading water.

  1. To visualize what flood insurance covers, Flood Insuranceimagine your house flipped upside down. What falls out is not covered.
  2. Homeowner’s Insurance does not cover flood damage
  3. Take pictures of your walls, furniture, closets, contents of drawers etc and keep them in a safe place. When you make changes, replace those images with current photos.
  4. Even if you live in a low risk flood zone, it is a good idea to have flood insurance. You might even qualify for a Preferred Risk Policy, which is a lower cost flood policy.
  5. Contents coverage must be purchased separately. Your lender does not care about this coverage, but you should.

Title Security is here to educate and update you with the latest technology and information regarding our industry. Our next Coffee Corner is October 2nd. The topic of discussion is TRID/TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure. Everything you need to know for the changes on October 3rd. Please feel free to contact me for more information.



Author: barbibozich

Manager, Sr. Closer and Client Services liaison for Title Security.

One thought on “A Flood Of Information At Yesterday’s Coffee Corner

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