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Home Office Trends4 Trends in Home-Office Design
As millennials start to buy homes, they’re also going to be looking for a place to bring their work home–preferably a space other than the kitchen island.


Pet Friendly BuildingsPet Smart:
What You Need to Know About Being Pet Friendly.
After years of prohibiting companion animals, many apartment properties now welcome pets—and the residents and ancillary income they bring with them.



Millennial HomebuyersAre all millennials scared to own a home? Up until now, buying a home was seen as an integral part of growing up.



5% or 20% Down?Do your customers ask if they should wait and make a larger down payment?
Answer: Have them speak with a mortgage professional.



Single Women HomebuyersMore single women are moving into 1st-time homeownership. Single women are buying homes at nearly twice the rate of single men.



Real Estate Meltdown Isn't in the CardsHere’s Five–Count ’em–Reasons a Real Estate Meltdown Isn’t in the Cards. With the real-estate industry now on much more solid footing, here are 5 reasons why another crash probably won’t occur.





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