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Victoria Place in Dunedin, FL

We are very proud and grateful to have been selected by JMC Communities to provide Title Insurance and Escrow Services for their newly announced 30 residence Victoria Place in downtown Dunedin.


How To Create More Affordable HousingTo create more affordable housing, build more mass transit.  Adding new subway lines, trains, and bus routes makes nearby housing more attractive — and more economical for people who need to commute to jobs.


Is Getting A Mortgage Easier Than Consumers Think?Is Getting A Mortgage Easier Than Consumers Think? 



Boomerang BuyersMillions of ‪Boomerang Buyers‬ Poised to Re-Enter Market…  More than 1.5 million potential homebuyers could be re-entering the market over the next 3 years.


GentrificationThose Who Attack ‘Gentrification’ May Miss the Bigger Point…  If disinvestment drives the demise of many low-income neighborhoods, how can investment in that same neighborhood be seen as a bad thing?


CFPBKnow Before Your Owe:  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau​ (CFPB) Proposes a 2 Month Delay of the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule to October 1st.




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Manager, Sr. Closer and Client Services liaison for Title Security.

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