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Housing News: A Week In Review

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zeroHouseInteresting take on ‪Micro Housing‬ – zeroHouse… With solar panels, a rainwater collection plane, and organic-waste digester, it is designed to take its owner entirely off the grid.



Millennial WomenMillennial Women Research Before Buying…More than 80% of Millennial women say they put a great deal of thought into what they buy to make sure it’s the best choice.



Smart HomesWhat’s the Point of a Smart Home? Does the Complexity Added by Automation Outweigh the Convenience?



SkyscrapersWhy Can’t We Build Skinny #Skyscrapers Everywhere?  The limits to how tall and thin towers can be has more to do with markets than engineers.






Author: barbibozich

Manager, Sr. Closer and Client Services liaison for Title Security.

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