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Google Drive: Confessions of a Title Processor

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After such a warm response to our February Coffee Corner, March was an extension of what Google has to offer in terms of Gmail accounts. Over the past few years, Google has expanded the applications that are available to its subscribers and most of the services are perfect tools for real estate professionals.

Google DriveMost of the applications are free with your Gmail account and are all synced in Google Drive, a cloud based drive that can be accessed through any device on or offline. Many of the services available parallel software that comes with a laptop or home computer Microsoft Office package, but for free! And, not only can you access all of your files, organize and share them with other users, but you can edit your documents from any device and they will automatically save in your Google Drive folder.

The more involved you are in what Google has to offer, the better your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be. Use Google’s application to create blogs, websites, presentations, reports, or surveys! And since it’s saved in one central location, you’ll stay organized and save time.

Follow the link below to a mock website that was created for our March Coffee Corner. Feel free to use the documents and try out Google’s products!


Around The Corner:  Tracy Baer, with North Shore Insurance Group, will be speaking at our April Coffee Corner on April 8th at 9:30am. Tracy will be providing information on flood insurance updates during the first quarter and what we should expect from the year to come.

Please RSVP with Christina@titlesecurity.net or call 727-321-7678 x226.


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