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Optimizing Your Google Calendars: Confessions of a Title Processor

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February Coffee Corner Recap

To start off 2014 on the right foot, our office decided to host our first Coffee Corner on technology. Google technology, that is. A Gmail account, Google’s free email platform, has become much more than just an email address and inbox. Google has really amped up their products (most of them for free) and provided an excellent cloud for real estate professionals to organize everything under one account.

With so many online advances happening so quickly and busy work schedules getting in the way, we thought it would benefit our fellow real estate colleagues to hold a series of classes on Google products. Our first was to tackle Google Calendars. Having a well organized calendar is the first step in the road to success for any business and Google has optimized their calendar function to be accessible through practically any device. Their calendar function is available on both Apple and Android devices.

Google Calendars

Our next Coffee Corner will be held on March 4th at 9:30am in our upstairs conference room. We will continue with the Google theme and go over many of the Home and Office applications that you can find attached to your Gmail account. To RSVP for our next Coffee Corner, please email Christina@titlesecurity.net or call (727) 321-7678 x226.

Check out the full presentation on Google Calendars below as well as videos on how to sync your Google Calendars with your iPhone or through the Android Google Calendar App!

Google Calendar Presentation


Sync Your iPhone


Use Your Android Google Calendar App






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One thought on “Optimizing Your Google Calendars: Confessions of a Title Processor

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