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Confessions of a Title Processor: Office Optimism

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Office Morale

Over the past few weeks, I’ve run into quite a few people who are down in the dumps about real estate, especially in Pinellas County. With flood insurance premiums increasing and the government shutdown, there’s a lot of uncertainty about the health of the real estate market at this point.

Keeping your team positive during this time is the key to pushing through the rough waters ahead. Here are a few fun ideas to help boost the morale in your office and continue business as usual (or make it even better!).

1.   Post a fun office contest

Office MoraleA little friendly competition can really get your team members in the mood to increase business and work more diligently. Even a small first place prize is enough to bring out the worker bee in most people.

2.   Organize a canned food-drive

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and although our industry is seeing tough times, putting things into perspective by promoting an office wide canned food-drive can help bring your team closer together and give back to the community.

3.   Have a girls/guys night out

All work and no play makes your office dull! Loosen up and take your team out for dinner and drinks. There are even a few new tap houses and breweries in Downtown St. Petersburg. Why not orchestrate an office pub crawl?

4.   Yoga in the office

Yoga and pilates have become two of the most common exercise and fitness classes that professionals attend. It’s a great way to expel the toxins in your body and reflect on your personal goals. Many of the local yoga and pilate instructors can come into your office for a private class. It might even become a weekly tradition!

5.   Attend a local function as an office

Downtown St. Petersburg offers so many different activities, especially in the fall. Take advantage of the free (and super fun) events that are put on weekly.

6.   Participate in a charitable event

Canned food-drive not enough for your generous office team? Sign up to participate in a charitable walk. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month among other programs. Check the Tampa Bay Times and your neighborhood publications for upcoming events that your office can be a part of.

While this list has just a few suggestions, the possibilities are endless when it comes to team building exercises. Let us know what you plan to do to keep your office motivated!  Please post your office’s fun events and share them with us on our Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/pages/Title-Security or Tweet us on our Twitter page @TitleSecurity.



Author: ctbarron01

I'm a journalism major at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. I love to read and eat home cooked meals.

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