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Confessions of a Title Processor: Lets Be Friends!

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Real Estate is a special profession to venture into. It takes the right personality to become a successful real estate agent and continue the momentum to buy and sell homes. Since the moment that Realtors receive their license to sell (unlike the license James Bond has) they are bombarded with prospective business partners. Home staging teams, landscaping companies, building contractors, estate attorneys, and even title companies, to name a few, are all vying for an opportunity to receive referrals or exclusive business from one of thousands of Bay Area Realtors.kindness

Some of these businesses are genuinely looking to create meaningful relationships with Realtors, while others are only interested in their bottom line. So how do you stand out in the crowd? How do you show Realtors that your inquiries about their business are honest? It can be a difficult task when Realtors are constantly swarmed with marketers popping into their office and pounds of monotonous flyers being placed on their desk.

My time as a title processor has really pulled the curtain back on how much work Realtors do. Not every buyer/seller is the most pleasant to work with and Realtors have to be both nurturing and firm in their role in a closing. Whether they represent the buyer or the seller, Realtors have to be organized and focused on keeping their clients happy as well as maintaining a strong working relationship with all parties involved. This process can be done smoother with an excellent team of outside service providers!

Standing out to a Realtor means showing them the value of your relationship. This type of value, however, can’t be measured in dollars and cents. As a title company, your Realtor clients need to know that you have taken the time to understand how they work on files. Every Realtor is different and every company has a structured way they handle closings. A good title processor knows each of these intricacies and feels comfortable with each contract that comes in from repeat clients. They take the time to “study” the ways that specific Realtor works best.

I’ve experienced first hand how grateful Realtors are when you notice the little things; when you help with a difficult client, take the extra time to explain title issues to them, or be their cheerleader! Even though title processors work behind the scenes on files, it really makes a difference when you let Realtors know you’re rooting for the file to close. Don’t sit behind your desk when a closing is happening in the office. Take the time to get up and greet everyone you’ve been working so hard with for the past month. A little kindness goes a long way and Realtors and other clients will remember you for that. So don’t be shy, be honest about your work, love what you do and people might just want to be your friend!



Author: ctbarron01

I'm a journalism major at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. I love to read and eat home cooked meals.

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