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3 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home NOW!

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I always enjoy following what the KCM Blog has to say about the Real Estate Market.  Earlier this week, they ran a series of posts as to why it makes financial sense to purchase a home now.

Part I – Prices Are Rising at an Accelerated Rate The price of a home is Housing Prices Increasingthe major consideration when deciding whether or not it makes financial sense to purchase a house. Experts are not only projecting that house values will increase in 2013. They are also more optomistic in the level of appreciation they are projecting as the market begins to heat up. Click here for some examples:

Part II – Interest Rates Are Increasing A big component in the cost of a home is the mortgage interest rate a purchaser pays. Understanding where rates are headed will help in making a decision whether to buy now or wait. Click to read more…

Part III – Rents Are Skyrocketing In the current housing environment, there is an increasing demand for residential rental properties. This increase in demand has dramatically impacted rates. Zillow, in their most recent report, revealed that rental rates in the U.S. increased by 4.5% over the last twelve months. Other studies have projected rental rate increases of 4-5% over the next few years. The only way to have control of your housing expense is to buy. Click to read more…



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Manager, Sr. Closer and Client Services liaison for Title Security.

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