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Housing News: A Week In Review

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Another beautiful weekend here in sunny St. Petersburg.  Our thoughts are with our friends in the northeast having to endure another big storm.

No Money Down MortgagesNo-money-down mortgages are back…  Some affluent buyers are getting the keys to their new home without putting a penny down.

Short Sale MythsShort Sales – 10 Common Myths Busted… There are some huge misconceptions when it comes to a short sale vs. a foreclosure.   http://bit.ly/YMlles


Best Day To List A HomeWhat day of the week is best for listing a home?  Properties listed on one particular day of the week sell faster and come closer to the asking price than homes sold on any other day of the week.

Focusing On SuccessSuccess requires a singular focus…  How do you avoid being misled and derailed by distractions?


Forclusure RegistrySt. Petersburg wants to create foreclosure registry… The registry would require banks to list who will keep a foreclosure from falling into disrepair.  http://bit.ly/WVMpc9



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