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Housing News: Week In Review

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Hard to believe we are already near January’s half-way mark.  We hope your New Year has started with a bang.  We are very grateful to all of you who contributed to last year’s successes and look forward to even more greatness in 2013.

Great “sign” of things to come… love the new urgency (via The Niche Report)

Buyer Urgency



Real estate-related searches on Google rose 253% over the past 4 years.How Do Your Buyers Search For a Home? 
This Study Offers a Deep Dive Into Ways Homebuyers Use the Web.


Consumers’ online experiences are increasingly influencing their homebuying activity offline, according to a joint study from search giant Google and the National Association of Realtors.

Real Estate Market Recovery5 Signs the Market is Recovering Fast…


Successful Real Esate Agents need to...6 Musts When Starting Out in Real Estate Sales… What does it take for new agents to succeed?


Shadow Inventory Foreclosures are selling at a 20% discount while a short sale sells at a 16% discount.



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