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Housing News: Week In Review

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Here are last week’s top  posts from our Facebook page to help keep you in the housing loop.  We invite you to visit and Like our Facebook page or press the button in the right margin. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

NAR actionheader_2012Do No Harm to Housing

Remind Congress about our position on any proposed changes to the mortgage interest deduction


Do you know your rights when canceling PMI?Do you know your rights when canceling PMI?

Under certain circumstances, having sufficient home equity isn’t enough.


Condo LoansAre some lenders making your condo buyers with pristine credit feel like rejects?

Could be the building’s fault.


Where Do You Think Home Prices Are Heading This Winter?The Experts Have Their Opinion… Where Do You Think Home Prices Are Heading This Winter?



Break on mortgage forgiveness shaky…




One thought on “Housing News: Week In Review

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