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Housing News: Week in Review

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Here are last week’s top  posts from our Facebook page to help keep you in the housing loop.  We invite you to visit and Like our Facebook page or press the button in the right margin.  Please click on links for full story.

~What do you think is ahead for Florida Real Estate in 2013?

~What happened to the middle class from 2007 to 2010By pinning their finances on their home values and going deeply into debt, middle class families set themselves up for a historic fall.

~6 tips when buying a new home.  When buying a new home, look for what’s included with the new house — and what buyer is missing.

~3 things to avoid when buying or selling.  Often, the most helpful action-sorting, order-creating, overwhelm-abolishing advice turns out not to be advice about what to do, but advice about what not to do.

~The uncertainty of the ‘Fiscal Cliff” and other reasons companies aren’t hiring more workers.

~The Existing Home Sales Report shows positive numbers across the country for both single family residences and condos compared to 2011.




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