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5 Tips to Have Fun and Stay Motivated During the Summer

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How do you stay focused during the summer and keep your head in the game?

We wanted to share this great post by Trulia’s Ginger Wilcox

Watermelon, trips to the beach, sunshine, schools out- it all sounds lovely but some of us still need to work. Picking up kids from camp, summer vacations, and a quick trip to the pool to escape the heat can easily derail our focus and ultimately our sales. Staying on task during the summer months is essential to developing a strong pipeline for the fall.

Here are five tips to stay motivated during the summer and avoid the September sales slump (while still partaking in the joys of summer!)

1. Schedule work time and play time.

It sounds basic, yet it’s easy to let the joys of summer draw us away. Have to pick the kids up at summer camp at 3pm? Start your work day earlier and make your prospecting happen first. Get yourself in a routine and stick with it. If you try to fit a little work in here, a little work in there, it’s hard to stay focused when you aren’t on a routine.

2. Mix business with pleasure.

Schedule a summer client party at the pool, park, or baseball stadium. Schedule lunches or coffees with past clients, or invite your “A” list of people over for a barbecue. Get creative and mix business with pleasure- it’s a great way to enjoy the summer AND generate new business. I have found client parties are a great way to drive new sales and have fun!

3. Make lists of must do tasks.

Make a list of stuff you must do before you play. Don’t escape until your work is done. It’s amazing how fast you can work when you put your mind to it. I schedule two hour “power” hours in the morning to race through my task list. I shut off my phone, text, instant messaging, and Twitter. It’s amazing how much I can cross off the list in just a couple of focused hours.

4. Reward yourself for a job well done.

Give yourself an incentive to stay motivated – be it an iced coffee at the end of your “work day”, a 10 minute solitaire break for a uninterrupted work spree or something more substantial for the entire week – i.e. a night out if you completed all of your tasks for the week; rewards are a great week to keep your spirits up and your head down.

5. Plan a vacation.

Instead of working here or there, plan a real vacation where you turn off your phone and take a break. It’s amazing how many buyers and sellers come out of the woodwork when you plan a vacation, plus we need a real refresh. While we would all love to spend two weeks at the beach, often the budget doesn’t allow. Even a three day completely disconnected weekend can do the trick to make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle what’s next.


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